FW20 Colour Guide & Quiz


Roses are red, violets are blue — which Lucite colour is perfect for you? Take a quiz and explore our colour guide to find out your true hue! 

Quiz: What’s Your True Hue?


Is your aura crystal clear or neon pink? We know that choosing a colour can be tricky, so take our quiz to determine your Lucite destiny.

How to score: Give yourself 1 point for every A answer, 2 points for every B answer, 3 points for every C answer, and 4 points for every D answer. Add total points for the answer.

1) How do you like your coffee/tea?

A - Nice and strong
B - Sweet
C - Creamy 
D - Strong, sweet, and creamy

2) If you found a portal, where would it lead?

A - The Arctic Circle to see the aurora borealis
B - The Great Pyramids in Egypt
C - Moss-covered temples in Kyoto
D - Colourful houses in Mexico City 

3) Which flower blooms in the garden of your mind?

A - Calla lily
B - Sunflower
C - Lavender 
D - Cherry blossoms

4) What time of day does your brain work best?

A - High noon
B - Sunset
C - Midnight
D - Dawn

5) What makes your mouth water? 

A - An exquisite gelatin
B - A glass of champagne
C - Matcha ice cream
D - Sun-ripened berries

6) What scented candle would you burn in your room?

A - Line-dried laundry
B - Clove
C - Cedar forest
D - Grapefruit

7) Which section of the art museum do you want to get locked in overnight?

A - Conceptual art
B - Folk art
C - The impressionists
D - Pop art

8) If you were a nature spirit, what would you be?

A - Snowflake
B - Sunbeam
C - Raindrop
D - Rainbow

9) What do you most often have dreams about?

A - Flying
B - Winning the lottery
C - Breathing underwater
D - Meeting a thrilling stranger

10) You find a magic ring; what gemstones decorate it?

A - Diamond and opal
B - Tiger eye and onyx
C - Sapphire and emerald
D - Ruby and amethyst

11) If you could be a virtuoso on any instrument, which would it be?

A - Flute
B - Violin
C - Piano
D - Electric guitar

12) How do you want to feel when you wear your jewelry?

A - Inspired
B - Energized
C - Centered
D - Joyful

13) When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A - Artist
B - Zookeeper
C - Teacher
D - Movie star

14) Where is your personal rocket headed?

A - A star
B - Saturn
C - Neptune
D - Mars

15) What do you see when you gaze into a crystal ball?

A - Lucid visions
B - Mysteriously swirling clouds
C - Deepest ocean
D - Flames of passion

16) What’s your ideal pet?

A - Siamese cat
B - Goldfish
C - Butterfly
D - Unicorn


Tally up your points to reveal your answer :) 

16 - 27 Points: NEUTRAL
- Minimal, elemental, anything but basic; these neutrals let *you* shine through.
- Recommended colours: Clear, Smoke.

28 - 39 Points:  HOT
- The Midas touch. They say that everything looks better by candlelight, and these colours have that effect; they glow like flickering embers.
- Recommended colours: Yellow, Copper, Orange, Red.

40 - 51 Points: COOL
- Like standing under a waterfall; wear these colours at the pulse points for ultimate tranquility.
- Recommended colours: Blue, Light Blue,Turquoise, Green.

52 - 64 Points: WARM
- Light-hearted and full of pizzazz; like wearable sprinkles, these colours just make everything sweeter.
- Recommended colours: Magenta, Fluorescent Pink, Pink, Purple.

Colour Guide


Clear: balancing; a prism bouncing light; fluidity; icicles; a breath of fresh air; "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash; intuition

Red: stimulating; ruby gems; cherry candy; ignites passion; "Cherry Blossom Girl" by Air

Magenta: uplifting; juicy punch; youthful; bougainvillea in bloom; “Raspberry Beret” by Prince

Pink: sweetening; friendship; grenadine; whispers; cabbage roses; “Pink in the Night” by Mitski

Orange: energizing; fizzy soda; flames; golden hour; "Chamakay by Blood Orange"

Yellow: mellowing; honey; beams of sunshine; smiley face; "Honeycomb" by EVA

Green: grounding; Emerald City; forest bathing; growth; inspires envy; jade; green flash at sunset; four-leaf clover;  “Green Arrow” by Yo La Tengo

Turquoise: cooling; glaciers; a tall drink of water; the tinkle of wind chimes; “Orinoco Flow” by Enya

Blue: soothing; clear skies ahead; serenity; powder; mother of pearl; “Rebecca’s Theme (Water)” by A.R.T. Wilson

Dark Blue: healing; the sky changing colour in the evening, deep ocean, “Hey Moon” by John Maus

Smoke: inspiring; mystery; adds contrast to bright colours; moonlight; city skyline; “Bloody Shadows from Afar” by Lena Platonos

Copper: empowering; caramel toffee; elemental; stability; "Caramel" by Connan Mockasin 

Purple: hypnotizing; meditative; a sense of adventure; royalty; violet hour; “Iris” by Hercules and Love Affair

Fluorescent Pink: motivating; the law of attraction; high vis; neon lights; “Neon” by Yukika

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