Colouring Contest

Thank you so much for entering our colouring contest (details here) and for sharing your beautiful artwork with us. From gentle watercolours to digital dreamscapes, your amazing colouring contest entries brought us so much joy. You’re all stars! Click here for a drive that includes every single amazing entry :) Below are the superstar winners and honourable mentions. 



The winning entry for the Sparkle Girl design is:  Priscilla Yu / @priscillayuart 

* Illustration by Alëna Skarina, whose whimsy takes us to another land while we stay at home. 

The winning entry for the Corey Moranis logo is: Sage Perez / @s__gie

Sparkle Girl Honourable Mentions 

avrgbbs / @avrgbbs

Sage Perez / @s__gie 

Alex Lee / @lemur_lee

Connor Andersen / @bellyhadid

Eden Young / @eden.knight

Rachel Moranis / @rachelmoranis

Shira Yavor / @shira.yavor

Logo Honourable Mentions

Lauren Wiebe / @laurenwiebe

Kayla Little / @danzey_land

Jessie Bloom / @jbloomco

Heidi Blair / @bogosonpogos

Claire Worthington / @clairington

Sharon Ungerman / @ung711

Carey Coleman / @careyokemachine