Mad Libs

Mad Libs have always made us chuckle, so we created our own fill-in-the-blank game for some end-of-summer fun. We hope you play! And if you end up with something really ha-ha-ha-larious, send us a vid of yourself reading your story or tag us at @coreymoranis so we can laugh along with you

How to Play: First, print out this page (or just write down your answers on a separate piece of paper). Next—without looking at the story—either fill in the blanks below yourself, or ask a friend to give you words to fill in the blanks. Then read your complete story out loud for guaranteed laughs.

(1) ___________________ (type of landscape: forest, desert, etc.)

(2) ___________________ (food)

(3) ___________________ (smell)

(4) ___________________ (verb) 

(5) ___________________ (song title)

(6) ___________________ (adjective ending in -est, i.e. smelliest)

(7) ___________________ (animal)

(8) ___________________ (adjective)

(9) ___________________ (texture)

(10) ___________________(noun)

(11) ___________________ (number)

(12) ___________________ (adjective ending in ~ing)

(13) ___________________ (your friend’s name)

(14) ___________________ (colour)

(15) ___________________ (colour)

(16) ___________________ (precious metal)

(17) ___________________ (adjective)

(18) ___________________ (city)

(19) ___________________ (another city)

(20) ___________________ (yet another city)

(21) ___________________ (colour)

(22) ___________________ (adjective)

(23) ___________________ (adjective)

(24) ___________________ (verb)

(25) ___________________ (plural noun)

The Meaning of Life

You are walking on a path through a (1) ___________________ at sunrise on a late summer morning. The moon is still out in the sky, full and round, like it’s made out of (2) ___________________. You stop to sniff a flower. It smells just like (3) ___________________, which makes you (4) ___________________ hysterically. But what’s that music? It’s a bird in a tree, singing your favourite song, (5) ___________________. You sing a duet and feel the (6) ___________________ you have all year. Suddenly a (7) ___________________ appears, and you follow it through the tall, (8) ___________________ grass to a lake with a surface as (9) ___________________ as (10) ___________________. Gazing at the water, you see your reflection. But it’s not your face now—it’s your face at (11) ___________________ years old! Instantly you are transported through time to a wonderful memory (12) ___________________ with (13) ___________________. You can’t help but smile. Reflected in the water, the sun rises high overhead, spreading its warm rays of (14) ___________________ and (15) ___________________ across the sky. A brilliant sunbeam shines down to reveal something gleaming in the grass: it’s a (16) ___________________ treasure chest full of a rainbow of (17) ___________________  jewelry. As you slip rings onto your fingers and bracelets up to your elbows, you feel your hands floating, your arms lifting, and flapping your arms, you realize you can fly! You soar from (18) ___________________ to (19) ___________________, and all the way to (20) ___________________. When it’s time to come home, you simply press your (21) ___________________ pendant to your heart, your feet land back on the (22) ___________________ earth, and you feel grateful to exist in this colourful, magical world. You look down at your shadow and wonder, “What is the meaning of life?” Then finally, it dawns on you: “The most (23) ___________________ thing in life is to remember to always (24) ___________________ your (25) ___________________.”

We hope this gave you the giggles!