Corey Moranis develops her knot theory for Fall/Winter 2019: a collection of Lucite loops as abstract hearts, modern friendship bracelets, and good luck charms representing love in any iteration.
Open knots embrace space and possibility, double knots form unbreakable bonds without beginning or end. Shapes are formed by threads of fortune, two paths wrapping around one another, dovetailing, then meeting again. In rare earth and gem tones, these pieces are strength rendered delicate—because diamonds are forever, but Lucite is for infinity.

Corey Moranis lucite gems smoke knot ring on gloved hand, clear pretzel earring on model
Corey Moranis lucite gems on model dancing in studio
A warped nod to Corey’s kawaii side for the color-deprived! What do you see: gelatin geodes, candy stix, forbidden snacks, or smoke swirling in a crystal ball? Each gem’s colors are totally unique—Corey hand-dyed, mixed, and sculpted these Lucite pieces, then baked them with love like slices of rainbow cake. (Please don’t eat!) This limited edition micro-collection is available exclusively at

Corey Moranis New FW19 Marble collection collage Rod bracelet and necklace
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