Welcome to Corey Moranis colour therapy, where we see the world through rose-coloured glasses—and not just rose, but every shade of the colour wheel. My luminous loops have been projected through a prism, refracting into a spectrum of saturated pieces in more colour options than ever before. Is your aura crystal clear or neon pink? Find out by taking our quiz and listening to our sonic colour guide.

We're Blushing

Kind Words

Her pieces have grown to gain a kind of ‘if you know, you know’ notoriety.

The Kit

This translucent, candy-colored lucite jewelry is all we want to wear right now.

Sight Unseen

An aesthetic exclamation point.

Man Repeller

For when you want to feel light and airy.

Teen Vogue

An innovative Canadian designer who is emerging as a true creative force in Canadian fashion.

2019 Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA)

Serpentine contours, polychromatic hues, and an effervescent playfulness radiate through each of Corey Moranis’s highly-considered jewellery.


Immediately, it was the sculptural element of her work. It’s almost like a Koons—something that has this twisty, bendy manipulation of materials.

Shane Salvata, Buyer, SFMOMA

It’s not weird to want to put these candy-colored bracelets in your mouth, right?

Broccoli Magazine

Each one-of-a-kind accessory balances ethereal materials with statement-making style that gracefully goes from day to night.

MoMA Design Shop

Diamonds are forever, but Lucite is for infinity.