Find Corey Moranis gems at international boutiques, galleries, and museum stores.

Original Corey Moranis designs are only available for purchase at and through official Corey Moranis stockists. Products listed on AliExpress and Alibaba that imitate Corey Moranis designs and branding have not been licensed by Corey Moranis, and we are not responsible for their quality, design, advertising, or price. Support small, independent artists by purchasing authentic originals.


Fawn - Toronto, ON

AGO Museum Shop - Toronto, ON

Gardiner Museum Shop  - Toronto, ON

Likely General - Toronto, ON

Type Forest Hill - Toronto, ON

National Gallery of Canada - Ottawa, ON

KOKITO - Bloomfield, ON

Distill Gallery - Stratford, ON

Shop WAG - Winnipeg, MB

Boutique Anya - Winnipeg, MB

McCord Museum Boutique - Montreal, QC

Betinalou - Montreal, QC

Nouvelle Nouvelle - Vancouver, BC

Hoxton Home - Nanaimo, BC

Wildflower Clothing - Halifax, NS


Walker Art Center Shop - Minneapolis, MN

SHOP Cooper Hewitt - New York, NY

Monty - Montclair, NJ

Continuum Bazaar - Cincinnati, OH 

Pérez Art Museum Miami - Miami, FL

Superblue Miami - Miami, FL

Mary Woerner Fine Arts - West Palm Beach, FL

MOCA Store - Los Angeles, CA

Visions - Point Reyes Station, CA

Museum of Craft an Design Shop - San Francisco, CA

Rare Device - San Francisco, CA

The Contemporary Austin - Austin, TX

Planet Bardot - Dallas, TX

Phoenix Art Museum Store - Phoenix, AZ


Un Bon Collector - Seoul, South Korea 



Simons - Fabrique 1840

Bona Drag