A bit about me

My goal is to create contemporary jewelry that brings BEAUTY, JOY, & PLAYFULNESS to the world!

What makes Corey Moranis gems special?


I use heat-bending to curve every piece by hand from Lucite rods. It’s a long and delicate process, but I love that each piece comes out with its own intricacies. Every Corey Moranis bracelet or ring is subtly unique, just like its wearer. I’m always trying to push what’s possible with this material.


The way Lucite plays with light is like magic! My shapes capture a surprising moment of kinetic energy when the material’s fluidity is frozen in time. I think of each piece as a beautiful contradiction: hard but soft, solid but floating, transparent but statement-making.


My brand is called Corey Moranis because for a long time, it was just me doing everything—we’re now a tiny team working together to bring you something special. Whenever you interact with the brand, you’re communicating directly with me. Say hi! :)


From colouring contests to interactive dance videos, connecting with my community is so important to me. I make jewelry to make you feel special. 100% of profits from my Sparkle Heart Keychains go to organizations spreading love and care around the world, but everything I make truly has love in it.

My Studio

My Story

“I was super obsessed with this material — I thought, ‘How do I get this on my body?”

I was mesmerized by magical objects as a child—mood rings, healing crystals, glass slippers— but it wasn’t until I was studying textile design at OCAD University in Toronto that I started experimenting with crafting my own huge blocks of Lucite from scratch and translating this childhood energy into an adult sensibility of balance, style, and intention. I evolved this curious fascination into a coveted jewelry brand worn by Rihanna, Solange, and Kelsey Lu, and featured in fashion magazines including VogueELLE, and Interview, and I was honoured to receive the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in the Accessories category at the 2019 Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA). Read my full backstory here.