Colour Glossary

Colour is the “language of dreams” (Gaugin), “an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft” (Matisse), and “a power which directly influences the soul” (Kandinsky). And for people with synesthesia—a perceptual phenomenon that crosses sensory experiences allowing you to hear numbers or see music—colours can have smells, tastes, sounds, and textures. Inspired by these colourful connections, we’re free-associating through all the senses in our Colour Glossary. Dive deep into the Corey Moranis palette:


elegant; crisp linens; pearls; primer; canvas; milk and cookies

Heaven - AKUA


smile-inducing; dainty; spunky; silk ribbons; pop!; strawberry milk; peony

To My Love - Bomba Estéreo (Tainy Remix)


jubilant; zing!; electric; tart; flushed cheeks; hibiscus; rhubarb

Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club


rich; smooth; complementary; bananarama; salted/unsalted

Binz - Solange

Sour Apple

stimulating; chlorophyll; potentially poisonous; pucker up; Medusa; luna moth; Kermit

Cintia - Pipilotti Rist


deep; umami; mysterious; forest floor; velvet cushions

Forevertime Journeys - Naran Ratan


nostalgic; secret storm; Canadian tuxedo; indigo; dawn

Look at Me - Sean Nicholas Savage


restful; equestrian; nose in a book; brown sugar cube; baskets; orange mocha Frappuccino

A Horse With No Name - America


delectable; polished wood; semi-sweet; dark roast; bears; pumpernickel bagels

Short Skirt / Long Jacket - Cake

Neon Pink

high jinks; spinel; lollipop; highlighter; motivating; the law of attraction; high vis; neon lights

The Way I Feel - Doss

Neon Orange

fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice; flamingos; coral; a drink with an umbrella in it

Intro / Tropical Plantarum - Sign Libra

Neon Green

magnetic attraction; absinthe; green light; bioluminescence; aurora borealis

Ageispolis - Aphex Twin


balancing; a prism bouncing light; fluidity; icicles; a breath of fresh air; intuition

The Space Between - Joanna Brouk


stimulating; ruby gems; cherry candy; ignites passion

The Practice of Love - Jenny Hval (feat. Laura Jean and Vivian Wang)


uplifting; juicy punch; youthful; bougainvillea in bloom

Confessions - Jitwam


sweetening; friendship; grenadine; whispers; cabbage roses

Pink in the Night - Mitski


energizing; fizzy soda; flames; golden hour

I'm on Fire - Chromatics


mellowing; honey; beams of sunshine; smiley face

Honeyeater - Sing Leaf


grounding; Emerald City; forest bathing; growth; inspires envy; jade; green flash at sunset; four-leaf clover

Green Arrow - Yo La Tengo


cooling; glaciers; a tall drink of water; the tinkle of wind chimes

Orinoco Flow - Enya


soothing; clear skies ahead; serenity; powder; mother of pearl

Rebecca’s Theme (Water) - A.R.T. Wilson

Dark Blue

healing; the sky changing colour in the evening, deep ocean

Into Clouds - Devandra Banhart, Noah Georgeson


hypnotizing; meditative; a sense of adventure; royalty; violet hour

Iris - Hercules and Love Affair


inspiring; mystery; adds contrast to bright colours; moonlight; city skyline

Bloody Shadows from Afar - Lena Platonos