Fatou & Fernanda

The utopia issue of The Travel Almanac features a mesmerizing editorial featuring sculptural Corey Moranis pieces in gorgeously inventive ways.

A note from Corey about how this editorial came together: 

Clare Byrne, the magazine’s stylist, asked me to create lucite head pieces for this shoot. I played around with sculptural samples from my studio, trying experiments in bending and possible shapes: a wind chime prototype, giant jewelry (which is something I’d like to explore further), elements of dream furniture, pieces we used as “shoes” in my SS20 collection, bag handles, etc, looking at different ways they could be worn on the head. Clare ended up featuring the pieces in a variety of really imaginative ways that use the whole body, like tucking them into clothing to turn them into translucent body armour. I absolutely love it!

Behind-the-scenes: I’ve been a huge fan of Clare’s work since she styled this amazing editorial in On The Rocks, an incredibly inspiring jewelry magazine that I used to collect copies of (RIP). We also worked together on this 2019 editorial from Interview featuring my Swirl Hair Pin.

Photography: Justin French
Styling: Clare Byrne
Hair & Make-Up: Mustafa Yanaz & Raisa Flowers
Casting: Bert Martirosyan
Talent: Fatou Jobe & Fernanda Ly